The 6th International Conference on System Reliability and Safety
Venice, Italy · November 23-25, 2022

Call for Papers | Download the CFP flyer

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Accelerated Life Testing
Architecture and design-based reliability and performance
Big Data and IoT Applications in R&M
Business Process Improvement
Data-driven reliability model design
Design Optimization Using R&M Techniques
Diagnostics and Prognostics
Discrete Event Modeling & Simulation
Economic Models for R&M Equipment
Fault tolerance and diagnosis
Fault Tolerance and Safety Critical Systems
Fault Tree Analysis
Formalization and verification
Human Reliability
Knowledge Based Training
Life Data Analysis
Machine learning related to reliability
Maintenance Models and Methodologies
Physical Reliability Models
Process improvement and maintenance
Prognostics and Health Management
Quality and safety
Quality Appl. in Electronics Design & Mfg.
R&M and Quality Appl. in Communications Design & Mfg.
R&M Applications in Aerospace
R&M Applications in Health Care
R&M Applications in Infrastructure Management
R&M Applications in Manufacturing
R&M Applications in Service
R&M Applications in Supportability
R&M Management
Redundancy technology
Reliability analysis and optimization
Reliability Growth Analysis
Reliability measurement, estimation, and predication
Reliability modeling and validation
Reliability requirement and growth models
Repairable Systems
Risk Analysis and Management
Security and Dependability Analysis
Software Reliability and Testing
System Safety Analysis
Testing and simulation
Trustworthy evaluation
Warranty Data Analysis and Management
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